Your co-operation will enable us to provide you a smooth and prompt warranty experience.


As Authorised Service Provider of the brands we carry, we are governed by warranty policies defined (and periodically amended) by their respective manufacturers. These policies typically include (but are not limited to) warranty eligibility, warranty period and warranty procedure.


Our warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the product and is not transferable.

Eligibility and liability

As specified by the manufacturers, warranty applies only to defects in hardware/material due to workmanship. Our maximum liability is limited to your product purchase price. We are not liable for direct or indirect commercial consequences including (but not limited to) any incidental damage to property or injury to personnel or any loss of revenue/profit/data.


Our warranty does not cover:

  • Normal wear and tear.
  • Lost/misplaced parts originally supplied with the product.
  • Failure or physical damage caused by abuse, misuse, accident, unsuitable operating/storage environment, power surges, improper installation/maintenance, natural disasters or acts of God.
  • Failure or damage caused by unauthorised third-party repair or disassembly or modification.

Source of Purchase

Our warranty covers products purchased from us or from our Authorised Resellers only.


Warranty for your original product, as well as for any replacement product we provide, starts on the date of purchase recorded on your purchase invoice or receipt and extends upto the residual life as defined by the manufacturer. Warranty will be extended for the number of days the product has been with us for repair purposes. We are unable to provide any warranty service after the period has expired.


As stipulated by the manufacturer, we may:

  • Repair your defective product using components that comply with the manufacturer's technical specifications or
  • Replace it with a functionally equivalent product

Proof of Purchase

Please submit your Warranty Request with Proof of Purchase duly attached.

Token Number and Warranty Service Report

Please bring us your defective product only after receiving the Warranty Service Report for your Token Number.

Serial Number

The serial number on your defective product must be physically intact and clearly readable (not defaced). We shall tally it with our system records.

Data safety

You are fully responsible for all data stored in your product. Before bringing us your defective product, please back up all program and data files. We do not perform data recovery.

Delivery and Collection

We recommend that you deliver your defective product in person as well as collect your replacement product in person. If you, however, choose to use a third party for this, you will bear the associated delivery/collection costs and any risk of damage in transit.

Please collect your repaired/replaced product within thirty days after we notify you that it is ready. Kindly bring your Warranty Service Report along when you come for collection.

We remain committed to serving you and wish you happy continued use of your product.